Counseling and Therapy
Confidentiality and safety. Hope and healing.

Is counseling right for you? And is this the right time? How do you choose a counselor without wasting your valuable time and money? There are no certain answers, but a good starting point is to decide: are you frustrated or distressed with some aspect of your life now - and are you ready to work on making things change for the better? If so, exploring counseling is a good place to start. Research shows that much of the benefit from counseling comes from the quality of the therapy relationship. In my practice, I use simple tools at the start and end of each session, to monitor whether you feel that you are making progress, and how useful you found the session to be. We discuss the results of these quick surveys to help you decide at every step whether counseling is working for you. If not, you should stop - or change counselors. In this case, I will be happy to help you find a counselor who might better fit your needs. You are always in control.

Some typical concerns that bring people to counseling are:
  • Anxiety, depression, or stress
  • Relationship problems
  • Grief and loss
  • Life changes
  • Issues of identity or low self esteem
Regardless of the specific issues brought into counseling, my goal is always to bring clarity to the confused mind, light to the darkened heart, hope to the despairing spirit, and healing to the wounded soul.

Individual Counseling

In my work with adults, my style is to create a calm, safe, and accepting space in which to explore in complete confidence and with total acceptance your experience of your life and the world around you, to discover more about yourself, and to develop more effective ways of being in the world.

In addition to using a person-centered orientation, I incorporate elements of psychodynamic/depth therapy. I am a trained Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapist.

Check out the Individual Resources page for tools, links and tips.

Couples Counseling

Relationships go through stages, and ALL couples have problems at one time or another. This can look like communication problems, or excessive conflict, or even distance and isolation. In counseling, we go below the surface of these interactions and look at the "dance" between partners, rebuilding that connection that brought you together, but which seems to have been damaged or lost.

Check out the Couples Resources page for tools, links and tips, including the Couple Checkup©!


My standard rate for Individual and couples counseling is $150 per 50-minute session. I do not accept insurance (by the way, couples counseling is typically not covered by insurance). I do keep a small number of slots for lower income individuals or couples, on a sliding scale, based on proof of income and family size. These are subject to availability.

DOWNLOAD Information Form
A short, two-page information form when starting counseling.

  • Client Information Form to print out, complete, and bring to your first session. Please complete one form each if there are two of you. (PDF, 2 pages)